“Hello, and welcome to ‘Gimme Yummy’!

I’m Gina, a proud mother, a passionate cook, an inspired baker, and an educator with a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science from Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja. Originally from Cuenca, Ecuador, I’ve called Toronto, Canada, home since 2006. This change marked the start of an exciting culinary journey, where I blended the vibrant tastes of Ecuador with the multicultural palate of Canada.

Gina and Camila Cuenca Ecuador 2014
Cherished moments in our backyard during our family vacation in Cuenca, Ecuador in 2014 🌄. My little one, Camila, was just 2 years old at the time. 💖

With over 15 years of experience, I’ve refined my skills as a product developer for bakeries and food service establishments in both Ecuador and Toronto. It was in Toronto where my culinary journey took an interesting turn, as I discovered and fell in love with the diverse flavors of Canadian cuisine, a true reflection of the beautiful blend of cultures that define our multicultural nation.

In 2018, I took a meaningful step in a new direction. Driven by my passion for education, I enrolled at Mothercraft College, setting my sights on a degree in early childhood education. This decision opened up new horizons and opportunities for me to make a positive impact on young lives.

My diverse and extensive background, spanning both the culinary world and education, has played a pivotal role in shaping the essence of ‘Gimme Yummy.’ This platform is where I wholeheartedly share my affection for food and cooking, and it serves as a creative space where I explore, innovate, and connect with fellow food enthusiasts from various culinary traditions.

At ‘Gimme Yummy,’ I invite you into my kitchen, where I craft hearty meals for my family and share my love for food and cooking. The blog is an expression of my personal journey as a mother, wife, immigrant, and food enthusiast, offering a space for me to explore, create, and connect with fellow food lovers.

So, join me on this delicious journey, and let’s make our lives yummier together!”


A Taste of Home

My story begins in the lively and spirited city of Cuenca, nestled in the heart of Ecuador 2,560 meters, or around 8,400 feet above sea level on top of the Andes mountain. Childhood memories brim with vibrant food markets, the familiar scent of traditional dishes calmly passing through the air, and the resonant laughter of family gatherings. The thread connecting all these memories? Food.

My Journey North

2006 marked a pivotal year, as I journeyed from the familiar landscapes of Ecuador to the expansive skyline of Toronto, Canada. My heart filled with hope, dreams, and a slight tinge of apprehension. But with newfound courage, the dream of building a new life in this unfamiliar land began to feel tangible. It was here, amidst the bustling city of Toronto, that I met the man of my dreams, who offered me love and support that solidified my belief that I had found my new home.

Humble Beginnings In Toronto

In the bustling heart of Toronto, my very first venture in Canada was a uniquely heartwarming experience. It began with a role as a product developer for a bakery, where I had the privilege to deeply embrace my love for food. Every day was a delightful exploration of diverse flavors, and the simple joy of developing delicious bakery products, kneading dough, and crafting mouthwatering treats was as comforting as a warm, familiar embrace from home.

Embracing Motherhood, Family, and Heritage

Life blossomed beautifully when I welcomed my daughter Camila into the world. Her birth marked a profound turning point in my life, one that transcended borders and boundaries. It was a moment that shifted my focus from being a wife to my wonderful Portuguese husband, Sergio, and an immigrant to embracing the awe-inspiring role of a mother. My heart expanded, filled with a love I had never known.

Baking with my daughter Camila
Creating sweet memories with Camila in the kitchen as we whip up her favorite vanilla cake. 🍰💕

With Camila by my side, my culinary journey took on new meaning. I found myself not only crafting delicious meals for my family but also nourishing their souls with the warmth and love that only a mother’s touch could provide. Every dish I prepared became a labor of love, an expression of the deep bond between a wife, mother, and her child.

Camila became my greatest inspiration in the kitchen. Her curious eyes watching as I whipped up breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts, her laughter filling our home as the aroma of freshly baked Giant Fluffy Cinnamon Rolls and Chocolate Chip Cookies drifted through the air, these moments became the heartbeats of our family life.

As I began my adventure into motherhood, I realized that the kitchen was more than just a place to cook; it was a sacred space where I could create memories, traditions, and a sense of belonging for my family. It became a place where I could teach Camila about the rich blend of our Ecuadorian and Portuguese heritage, weaving together the flavors of two distinct cultures with the diverse tastes of Canada.

In our home, the kitchen became a melting pot of traditions and flavors, instilling in Camila a deep love for the culinary and cultural diversity that defines our family. It’s where we celebrate the vibrant colors of Ecuadorian cuisine, the warmth of Portuguese hospitality, and the diverse cultures of Canada, all through the universal language of food.

My experiences as a mother have not only shaped my identity but have also deepened my connection to the culinary world. They have taught me that food is not just nourishment for the body but also a way to nourish the soul and create lasting bonds with the ones we love.

Our vacation in portugal, Camila and I walking longside the beautiful beach
“Our vacation in Portugal in 2022, Camila and I strolling along the beautiful beach in Nazaré, where my husband’s mom lives. 🏖️

The Classroom and The Kitchen

Driven by my love for children and my desire to inspire, I ventured into the world of early childcare education in 2018, earning a degree from Mothercraft College. Balancing work with the school board and my time in the kitchen became a dance I perfected over time.

My journey into the world of food doesn’t stop at the kitchen. With a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and over 15 years of experience as a product developer in the bakery and food industry, I bring a scientific approach to my culinary creations. This background has not only enriched my understanding of the art and science of food but has also allowed me to experiment and innovate in the kitchen with a unique perspective.

Mothercraft College Gina's Classmates
Sharing holiday cheer with my wonderful classmates at Mothercraft College. 🎁🌟

Gimme Yummy

My passion for food, my journey as an immigrant, and the beauty of motherhood, all swirled into the creation of “Gimme Yummy”. The blog became an extension of myself, sharing my culinary adventures with the world. It became a place where I could explore, create, and connect with others through the universal language of food.

😄 Oh! I can’t forget Mia, our beloved French Bulldog, who brings endless joy and laughter to our home. With her wagging tail and playful antics, Mia is always there, offering her own unique brand while I’m cooking. She’ll sit nearby, watching attentively as I cook, hoping for a tasty morsel to fall her way. Her curious nature often leads her to sniff around, trying to identify the delicious aromas in the kitchen. Mia loves to offer companionship, and you’ll often find her by my side, providing comfort and warmth. When not keeping an eye on our cooking, she enjoys playtime with her favorite toys or taking a cozy nap, ensuring our kitchen is filled with her cheerful presence.

Mia, my french bulldog
Savoring a homemade croissant with Mia keeping me company. 🥐🐶

So, as you explore Gimme Yummy, know that every recipe I share is infused with love and dedication. It’s a celebration of the extraordinary journey that motherhood has been for me and an invitation to share in the joy and love that food can bring to our lives.

Thank You! 😊🙏

Above all, I extend my deepest thanks for stopping by Gimme Yummy. I truly hope that this site brings joy and flavor to your life. Here’s to all of us enjoying this journey together! 🌟🍴🙏



Gina and Camila Picking Flowers